Music is full of tradition and it touches our souls, no matter which genre.  Whether it’s a well-known tune or an original from the heart, the band members of Rock & Roll Heaven Revue Band are committed to excellence and have managed to capture the hearts of fans from all over and explore what the gift of music truly is and how it touches the soul and brings us closer to God.






What about them...

Rock & Roll Heaven Band was created to have audiences be moved and inspired!  Songs are carefully selected that have great appeal and that have stood the test of time!   The talented and creative band is made up of core members that have been playing together for more than 15 years!  With these years of experience they are able to put forward an experience more so than just a performance!  Leading the band is international performer and multi - instrumentalist Denise Fex.  She is a tremendous entertainer with the biggest heart and is the founder of Rock and Roll Heaven BAND. 

What about Denise Fex...

Denise Fex is a dynamic international musical entertainer who has been performing live for more than 20 years. Graduated in 1996, she’s holding a degree in music not to forget to mention she was also a music teacher at a High School Institution after obtaining her degree.


Denise has perfected her craft as an accomplished guitarist and sings.  She is a multi-instrumentalist ….from sax to keys to guitar to flute just to name a few. She has performed for numerous types of events at countless venues ranging from the Ford Center, Mississauga Convention Center, Laurentian University, Hockley Valley Resort, the Dr.’s House, Horseshoe Valley Resort, Deerhurst Resort as far abroad as the Caribbean and Asia.

She now collaborates with an outstanding well known guitarist/ singer Viviane Clement. Together they make the music be event more music.

She is also an original songwriter and musician and is presently in the studio with Blue Star Recordings working on her second release.

Not only is Denise well known in the community for her musical performances, she is also a qualified high school music teacher. Being employed with the Dufferin Peel School Board, she has done several recordings and musical projects with her students which have garnered them much success such as performances for the mayor of Mississauga,Hazel McCallion.

Denise Fex

What about Peter Homsy...

Peter Homsy / Drums and Percussion is the Co-founder and producer of Rock and Roll Heaven Revue, Peter is the heart beat of the band's great sound.

A rock solid drummer, Peter brings decades of playing experience to the band.


Weaned and influenced by the greats, Ringo, Bonham, Buddy Rich, Neil, and Gadd, he makes sure no foot is left un-tapping and no hands left un-clapping to the beat.

Whether in the studio or live on stage, Peter's playing finesse rises to every occasion.

Peter Homsy

What about Terry Moore...

GUITAR AND VOCALS - TERRY MOORE - has been playing guitar since age six, and enjoys a number of different musical styles, but especially rock, southern rock, and chick’n pick’n country. He was a student of the renowned Phil Xenidis who has gone on to be the main guitar player for Bon Jovi when they are on tour.


He used to host various jam nights around the GTA, and played for many weddings, festivals, corporate events, worship teams. Terry  is now happy to be part of the Rock and Roll Heaven Band, which will reach out and touch hundreds through its musical message of hope, joy and inspiration.

Terry Moore

What about Mark Joseph...

BASS- Mark Joseph – an independent musician from Mississauga, Ontario. He has been instructing young musicians for 25 years. During this time, he has maintained a busy schedule performing in musical theater and various bands at corporate events and festivals.​

Mark Joseph

What about Tony D'amato...

KEYBOARDS - Tony D'amato Like most Italian boys, began accordion lessons at age of 9. Switched to the cooler organ by age 12.  He was then forced to study violin for 7 years and then voluntarily played the mandolin.


He has studied many types of music including  pop, classical, jazz, Italian and Latin. He has really enjoyed playing in wedding bands, sometimes as large as 11 piece.

Tony D'amato